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Nature’s Way to Healing. A Long Covid Guide

Nature’s Way to Healing. A Long Covid Guide

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Are you or a loved one struggling with the lingering effects of Long Covid? As a qualified clinical nutritionist I understand your journey all too well. Having navigated my own debilitating battle with Long Covid, I've crafted a compassionate, holistic guide to help you heal. I have written 10 other books but this is the book I am most proud of.

Backed by cutting-edge research from global experts, this step-by-step book provides a comprehensive path to recovery. Australian studies show Long Covid can persist for a staggering 24 months, making this tried-and-tested approach a lifeline for those seeking relief.

In the book, I translate complex medical information into simple, actionable steps tailored to your needs. My holistic plan doesn't just manage symptoms – it addresses their root cause, supporting your body's innate healing ability.

Through practical daily rituals, therapeutic nutrition, a step by step protocol and lifestyle adjustments, you'll learn to:

- Shorten the duration of Long Covid and recover faster
- Ease brain fog, fatigue, and other debilitating symptoms
- Regulate inflammation and boost immune function
- Nurture your mind-body connection for optimal healing

"Nature's Way to Healing. A Long Covid Guide" also features over 30 delectable, low-histamine recipes to nourish your body during recovery. Dishes like Passionfruit & Peach Chia Pudding, 
Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls, and White Chocolate Bark with Blackcurrants prove that healing can be utterly delicious.

Whether you're battling Long Covid yourself or supporting a loved one, this compassionate guide provides the tools, tips, and tender wisdom to reclaim your vibrant health. 

Pre-order your copy today and embrace nature's restorative power. Delivery in mid-July 2024.

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